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Immovable property tax

The registered owner of the property is liable to an annual immovable property tax calculated on the market value of the property as on 1st January 1980.

Value of property in €     Annual Tax

0-170,860                           0%

170,861-427,150                0.25%

427,151-854,300                0.35%

854,301- over                     0.40%


Municipal Services: The municipal or village authorities also levy an annual property tax which is calculated according to the area and the size of the property and covers sewerage, street lights, refuse collection. The charges range in total from approximately €85,00 to €171,00 per annum.

Capital Gains Tax: Should the PURCHASER decide to sell the property at a later date, Cyprus Law provides that the full amount paid for it in foreign exchange may be transferred abroad at the time of sale. The equivalent of the full purchase price and any increase in the value of the property may be transferred immediately. Property sales in Cyprus are subject to Capital Gains Tax at the rate of 20% on the gain, however, the first €17,086 are tax exempt for every individual. If a purchase is done through a Cyprus registered company, capital gains are reduced significantly under certain conditions.

Inheritance Tax: Inheritance tax has been abolished in Cyprus, however, it is advisable to make a will in Cyprus to deal with your assets which super cede the instructions expressed for your assets in your home based will.

Tax privileges: Personal effects household goods and furniture can be imported duty-free by immigrant retirees provided they are for personal use and have been used for a reasonable period of time – approximately one year. Also, there is no duty on car and retired couples enjoy the additional concession of two duty-free cars.

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