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Stamp Duties

Stamp Duties are the obligation of the buyer towards the Inland Revenue Office. The law provides that a document which is subject to stamp duty can be stamped and the relevant duty paid, without penalties, prior or within 30 days from the date of its signing or 30 days from the date the document.

It is also possible to stamp a document within six months from the date of its signing but penalties will be deductible.

Value Between

€1- €5000 no duty

€5001-€170.000 duty in the amount of €1.50 for every €1000

Value in excess of €170.000 duty in the amount of €2.00 for every €1000

Transfer fees

Transfer fees refer to a tax which must be paid by the Purchaser to the land Registry in order to get the
ownership of the property.
For the brand new properties, if VAT is paid on the property, no Transfer Fees are payable.


Purchase Price (euro 235,000) Rate (%) Transfer Fees
Up to €85,000 3% €2,550

Above 85,000- to €170,000 5% €4,250

Above 170,000 8% €5,200

Total Transfer fees due as individual €12,000

Total Transfer fees as an individual after discount (50%) €6,000